Cyber Security – What is System Hardening?

Do you wonder what you should know that you don't?

  • Do you believe you're the small fish that will be ignored by hackers?
  • Do you think because your computer hasn't been misbehaving you're not infected with malware?
  • Are you confident you won't be hacked because you have antivirus running on your PC?
  • Are you happy because you have secure up-to-the-minute information about your bank accounts, your stocks, and your retirement funds because you know your online portal uses a secure connection?

Steel Bubble was founded in 2017 to help people just like you to overcome these and other misconceptions. We provide education and hands-on assistance to harden your systems. (That means to make them harder to break into.)

With more than 30 years of experience in software development and IT, we have made it our mission to bring you awareness about what you can do to protect your valuable information—or perhaps more to the point, your financial assets, including your identity.

Experts assert that approximately 30% of systems in the United States are infected with malware. And more and more hackers no longer bring your system to its knees when they breach it. Quite the opposite—they do their best to remain silent and hidden so they can harvest all kinds of information about the assets you track and manage online. While they're waiting for you to log into a bank account, they'll check out what you're storing on your hard drive to see if it's worth downloading.

When you do log in to your bank or stock portfolio, they'll capture your keystrokes so they have the means to log into your account.


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  • Malware Protection Assessment
  • System evaluation of network devices and usage practices
  • Report of Findings: Details How to Improve Your System Security

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