Beach Ball 121 Meetings


There are two phases to the process. 1) get everyone scheduled, and 2) carry out the 121s. Everyone can be scheduled in the first few days, then the 121s can occur through the week. All meetings should occur before the following week's chapter meeting if possible.

  1. When it's your turn, i.e., you've been notified you were chosen for a 121, go to the Wheel of Names website, which has been pre-populated with everyone's name.
  2. Click on the wheel to start your randomized choice.
  3. The wheel will land on a chapter member's name, and pop-up a dialogue box with two buttons. Make a note of who's been chosen, then choose "Remove" to take that person out of the running for the remaining chapter members.
  4. Close the Wheel of Names window/tab.
  5. Schedule with the person who was chosen for your 121, and remind them they're next to choose. For the last person chosen, schedule time with the first, who will be announced in the chapter meeting, and let Lamar know you've closed the loop.

This process will result in TWO 121s for each member each week! Since we anticipate continuing this process for awhile, it'll be up to each member to manage who they meet with. If the randomized selection is someone you've recently met with, just spin again without using the "Remove" button.