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Own Your Tickets!

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Register or Not

Once Steel Bubble has been engaged to work with you, your email address will be entered into the support system, and you will have two options for entering and following tickets: 1) use email, and 2) use the web interface.

Via email, you'll be able to send a ticket using the email address You'll then receive replies from the system when progress is made, and you can reply to updates you receive to add to or update the ticket.


To use the web interface, you'll need to create a login. Here's how.

  1. When you're added to the support system, it's most often because a ticket was entered for you. When that happens, you'll receive an email from us detailing the ticket with subject line beginning Ticket Received, containing a link to view the status of the ticket. Click the link inside the email (after hovering to verify the link is what is says it is!) to navigate to the login prompt:

    Your email link

  2. Instead of logging in, just click on the link Forgot your password?

    Change Password link
  3. You'll be taken to this dialog to enter your email address, then click Reset my password:

    Enter your email dialog
  4. You'll receive this email with link to reset your password although you don't already have one.

    Click reset password link
  5. You'll be taken to this dialog to enter your new password, twice to verify you've typed it correctly, and click the Update and log in button.

    Enter your new password
  6. After logging in you'll be taken to the web interface:

    activation dialog
  7. Here, you can click the links for a new support ticket or to Check ticket status (once you've entered tickets).

A few considerations:

  • You don't have to register. You can use the email interface if you're okay with its limitations.
  • Entering a new ticket is fast and easy via email, and doesn't require going to the web interface to log in.
  • If you do register, you'll still be able to use email to quickly submit a ticket.
  • If you register, you have the ability to see the status of tickets you've entered whenever you want, without checking your email.
  • Registering doesn't mean you'll get spam from us or anyone else. This registration is used strictly by the system for ticket conversations.